Kenny Smith
Kenny Smith
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About Kenny Smith
August 18, 2010

Flunked out of college, fired from every job he's ever had...Now you're thinking, this guy sounds like a slacker. Most people would say that laughing and pointing at other people doesn't pay the bills. Kenny Smith has two words for them: Ha Ha.

With an off beat, free wheeling style, Kenny is quickly becoming a favorite at comedy clubs, colleges and radio stations throughout the country. Kenny's show stands out because his jokes and stories are delivered with physical energy, hilarious facial expressions and a natural stage presence. His warm likeability, easy going manner and engaging smile allow Kenny the ability to work edgy material into a presentable forum. He arrived at this act not through careful research, not through trial and error, not from a soul searching misson resulting in a series of adventures that one day show him his true, inner self. He does what he does because others, thinking they know better, told him not to. And when he does, audiences laugh, alot.

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