Ex Marks the Spot
Ex Marks the Spot
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About Ex Marks the Spot
Ex Marks The Spot is a new Reality show starring local comedian and tattoo artist Kyle Ruse. Created by Steve Weinstein, Ali Shahriari and Kyle the show is about broken hearts and busted body art. The show features people that have their exes name tattooed on them. Kyle covers their exes name with a tattoo that means something to them. Interviewing the ex and family we get both sides of the broken relationship. With a mix of stand up and irreverent segments Kyle keeps you laughing at something we can all identify with, lost love. Please join us for this screening of the first episode along with other segments. We will take Q&A and Steve Lazlow and Kyle Ruse will be doing some stand up. We will be making a huge announcement about the show and where you will be able to watch it when it airs. The video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe36qt2LZSkMust be 21 & up to enter
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