Kenny Garcia
Kenny Garcia
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About Kenny Garcia
Kinda funny, kinda charming and kinda handsome" are the words Kenny Garcia's friends and family would use to describe him. But they all like using the word kinda! Kenny has been performing on stage now for almost 8 years but has been making those close to him laugh since he was a little kid. Growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan when it was still considered a tough place to live, Kenny used his humor to navigate his way through childhood. With his first crank phone calls to his mom's office at 7 years old pretending to be her important boyfriend she didn't have to teaching his daughter the importance of laughter. A natural storyteller, he will take you on a fun ride with stories of raising a little girl and some of life's unimportant things we still find very very important with a bit of exaggerated truth to it! "A fun, clean time!" a man once yelled at Kenny from across the street after one of his sets. Kenny wasnt sure if it pertained to his act or something else but thought enough of it to include it in this bio. Be sure to catch Kenny when he plays at a club or theater near you! It will be a fun, clean time...maybe!Must be 21 & up to enter
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