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Killer Beaz
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About Killer Beaz
March 31 - April 3, 2010

Twenty-seven years of stage, television and radio and touring throughout the country, Killer Beaz - with his trademark "Save Up!" refrain- has become a familiar, beloved performer to millions of comedy fans nationwide. Born Truett S Beasley, Jr., Killer Beaz delivers edgy, high-energy "everyman"- style humor that appeals to a wide audience, selling out venues from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida.

With well over a hundred national television appearances, Beaz is a familiar face of comedy. Several nationally syndicated radio shows allow Beaz to entertain millions of his fans on a regular basis, through phone calls as well as in studio appearances. Beaz has a lengthy list of radio stations that request him to call in his "Beaz Reports." Killer Beaz strives to be funny, without the need to be offensive. A gifted story teller, with tons of punch-lines, his shows are fast paced and fun! Beaz's quick wit and mastery of the ad-lib ensure that at his shows, anything can happen. It's easy to see that Beaz is in love with his art form.

Truett S Beasley, Jr., got his start in show business playing blues guitar in Jackson, Mississippi. Beaz, as his friends call him, played lead guitar. One night, while playing a solo, someone shouted. "That was killer, Beaz!" The name stuck.

In 1984, Beaz traveled to Chicago on a business trip. Upon his arrival he heard aboutZanies Comedy Showplace, he skipped his meeting that evening and headed to check it out. Jay Leno was the headlining act that evening and the first comedian Beaz had ever seen perform live. Through the years, Beaz has the most stage time of any comedian on the Zanies Nashville stage, so much so, that when they promote his shows there, they refer to Zanies Nashville as, "The House That Beaz Built!"

Beaz calls the show, "The feel good show of the season!" Maybe that is why Rolling Stone Magazine says of the show, "Beaz is 'Killer'!" or why USA Today says he is a "Star rising in the South". With the release of the Killer Beaz album, "Save Up!" a new album in the works, and an upcoming video release in the Fall of 2009, Beaz continues to use his successful formula of high energy with universal appeal as one of the nations top comics touring theatres and large clubs throughout the country.

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