2014 Clash of the Comics 10th Anniversary Edition
2014 Clash of the Comics 10th Anniversary Edition
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About 2014 Clash of the Comics 10th Anniversary Edition
This is the 10th Anniversary of the original Clash of the Comics! It was designed with the intention of creating opportunity, money, stage time and a playground for comics in the scene. This year the comics choose sides and aim for the punchline as they compete for what every comic competes for everyday: MONEY, WORK & BRAGGING RIGHTS!THE BASICS: Competing are 4 teams consisting of a team Captain and 3 comics. The Winner gets $250 to split w/Captain, their own off-night show at Tampa Improv, (“the Stanley Cup Microphone”) to be displayed in bar room case. April 30TH - THE SHOWDOWN “Best Set Ahead”:Each comic from all four teams perform a 5 minute set. At the end of each team's performance, the AUDIENCE votes by applause for the comic from that team that will move on to the Final Clash.May 1st - THE FINAL CLASH “2014 Microphone Masters”:There will be three rounds, with each comic performing 5 minutes each round. ROUND 1 - Comics perform a set based on a predetermined topic.ROUND 2 - Comics choice of materialROUND 3 - “Burning Bridges” The roast round. Comic must roast at least 2 comics in Final ClashThe winner will be determined by a panel of judges which will include a former Clash of the Comics Winner, a representative from the Tampa Improv and a surprise guest judge.Hosted by Tony GaudMust be 21 & up to enter.
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