Carmen Vallone & His Besties
Carmen Vallone & His Besties
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About Carmen Vallone & His Besties
Sunday’s the night to party with your BESTIES! Grab your best friends and come on over to our “Besties” comedy show. As seen on TMZ Live, Little Women: LA and Last Comic Standing, these comedian best friends will have you laughing as hard as only your best friend can. Carmen Vallone - With his enthusiastic smile, and happily twisted vision of everyday life, Carmen guides you through a night of entertainment as he talks about being from upstate New York, living in Florida, and what life is like on the road. Richy Leis - Incorporating true life family and relationship experiences with a background in music and improvisation, Richy has created a unique brand of comedy that allows each performance to be wonderfully memorable and different. Stories of growing up as the middle child of four with divorced parents and too many past failed relationships makes for nothing but hilarity John Charles - John Charles, a forty-something with a penchant for big ideas and broken relationships, brings his own signature brand of slacker-chic mentality to his comedy performances. Audiences wail with laughter at J.C.’s lament of lost love and new hope told through a smooth blend of self-deprecating introspection and high-octane revelations.Must be 21 & up to enter
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