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About Hamburger
January 27, 2010
OnlyNight Only!

“Hamburger" has made a unique mark on comedy. Standing strong and committed towards providing clean comedy –which entails absolutely no cursing. His trademark saying HAAAM...BURGER, as it is used throughout his routine, gives a new adjective to audience members. The phrase “HAAAMBURGER” replaces many harsh and offensive words that are often associated with comedians.
Hamburger’s rare brand of comedy has been digested worldwide by audiences both young and old. Hamburger has strutted his buns on such TV shows as the New Candid Camera, Russell Simmons’ DEF Comedy Jam, Showtime at The Apollo, BET's Teen Summit, BET's ComicView, The Uptown Comedy Club and The Apollo Comedy Hour. He has also been heard on Radio with Les Brown, WBLS (New York), Jeff Foxx, WRKS (New York), and Donnie Simpson, WPGC (Washington D.C.)
While he was born and raised in New Jersey, Hamburger has been strongly influenced by his southern roots. Through various characters and a multitude of voices Hamburger explains why he's upset with the way people are living today.
Hamburger's humor contains “NO FAT”, and is “CAREFULLY SEASONED WITH THE RIGHT SPICES OF LIFE”. So, whether it's Radio, Television, Theater, Comedy Club, College or Church - HAMBURGER is a WELL DONE ACT!!

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