Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy
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About Mike McCarthy
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Within a year of starting comedy, Mike won the "Funniest man in Rhode Island Contest" and shortly thereafter was featured on the Showtime Comedy Club Network. Nicknamed "The Comedy Barbarian," Mike pushes the envelope every performance with material that covers weird sex to drug and alcohol abuse; his raucous no holds barred act always gets the crowd fired up. Although sometimes billed as an adult act, Michael doesn't offend but tries to play on the uptight attitude that is instilled in our society. His high-energy style of humor will leave the audience bouncing off the walls and gasping for breath. He hits the stage like a titan and does not relent until the entire audience is under his spell laughing at things they never thought they would. Some comics make you laugh; Mike McCarthy will make you laugh till you cry. Don't miss this high energy, balls to the walls comedy experience..... Just remember to fasten your seatbelts!Must be 21 & up to enter.
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