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About Sarcasm, Inc.

In everyday life, sarcasm is a useful tool in pointing out hypocrisy, or defending yourself from the daily grind of work, school or whatever parade of jerks happen to be around you.
But in stand-up comedy, sarcasm is a tool of the trade, and a way to shine some light and laughter when the sun goes down. This group is among the very best at bringing sarcasm to the stage.

WILLIAM SLOAN is an Improv regular who has worked with Tommy Davidson and Paul Mooney. Even when you think the joke is over, Sloan is still delivering sharp punchlines about his life experiences.

LINDSAY GLAZER is from Ft. Lauderdale but performs around the country, including upcoming spots at Gilda's Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids and Comedy Central's stage in Los Angeles.

MICHAEL MURILLO is a Tampa native and award-winning journalist who has worked with Greg Fitzsimmons and Amy Schumer. He is also the producer of Sarcasm, Inc.

STEVE ARIK is a previous winner of Creative Loafing's Best of the Bay award for stand-up comedy. After about three decades in stand-up, he's still delivering raunchy, adult humor to audiences around the country.

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