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About Trainwreck

Have you ever wanted to attend a comedy show, but were afraid you'd laugh too much? Maybe you wanted to go to the Improv but were overwhelmed by the big names and famous people on stage. Perhaps you would prefer the regular employees of the Improv to get up and try their hand at stand-up comedy instead? Well, we have the show for you.

The once (if it goes the way we think it will go) in a lifetime night of comedy is brought to you by Tampa comedy powerhouses Max “Where are my pants” Allen, Andrew “I'm from Boston so don't ask me to pronounce the letter “r” Suggs and Matty “I can only go if my girlfriend allows me” Baldwin.

A dozen staff members who think they can be funny will get on stage and attempt to make you laugh. It's going to be terrible. Some might even say a “Trainwreck.” You will want to be at this event.